KRASCHAU - Falanx CD (Lim) 2013

KRASCHAU - Falanx CD (Lim) 2013
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CD comes in nice digipak limited edit -sealed- - new project from "Durch Heer und Kraft"... more

CD comes in nice digipak limited edit -sealed-

- new project from "Durch Heer und Kraft" -
The second full-length work of Kraschau consists of two parts: the first six tracks follows the monarchist, counter-revolutionary standpoint introduced on the debut album with a blend of christian mysticism and it deals mainly with the history of Central-Europe (eg. the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Prussia).

The last four songs are dedicated to the history of the spanish civil war. Musically Kraschau continues the symphonic, neo-classical concept, this time with more tension: sometimes even more harsher industrial elements, sometimes more clear and glorius orchestral anthems.


01. Gott erhalte den Habsburger-Thron 5:29
02. Neuzeichnung der Karte Europas 4:48
03. Gegen/Revolution 4:42
04. Christus vincit! (intermezzo) 1:50
05. Cultul Morcilor 3:40
06. Resurrexit 5:32
07. Falangista soy (Falanx I.) 2:58
08. Por la Gloria (Falanx II.) 3:49
09. ¡Pasaremos! (Falanx III.) 3:40
10. A Nap felé... (Falanx IV.) 6:48

Genre: Martial Industrial, Neo-Classical
Like: Kriegsfall-U, Across The Rubicon, Pantheon Legio Musica, Horologium, Wutanes Heer

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