Conditions of Use

As at January 1th, 2015

Basis of the use of the offer of SkullLine Mailorder ( and thus the contractual relations between the orderer and the SkullLine Mailorder are the following general terms and conditions in their valid version at the time of the order. SkullLine Mailorder does not recognize deviating conditions of the orderer, except SkullLine Mailorder would have expressly agreed their validity in writing.

Usually the offer of SkullLine Mailorder is availabe around the clock. Excluding the unavailability of the offer, which was caused due to higher force or technical problems and which is not in the sphere of influence of SkullLine Mailorder.

The offered commodity is new. Second-hand commodity is characterised as condition used. Since it predominantly concerns limited commodity or unique pieces, it can be only supplied, as long as the article is in stock. The prices are indicated in EURO.

The order can be given up with the purchase order form, by email or by letter. An order is only valid if all necessary instructions (first name, name, address, telephone, email) are available and correct. After incomimg order you receive your invoice by email, the invoice amount contain the legal value added tax from at present , except in the case of supplies outside of the European Union 19%. Please pay your invoice amount within 14 days (if you use Paypal: invoice amount + 5% fee). The ordered commodity is reserved within this period and after receipt of payment it will be delivered immediately. if the invoice amount (Paypal + 5% fee) is not paid within 14 days, your reservation is deleted and the sales contract closed and the order becomes ineffective. The supply lasts on the average 5-10 working-days.

There is no minimum order value. Also individual articles are supplied.

The forwarding charges are calculated concerning the terms listed under "Mail charges".

Subsequent deliveries are not transacted. if an article is not available this can be ordered again at a later time. Please follow the current list of sales.

- Bank credit transfer: Invioce amount (entire) + fees !!!
- Paypal: Invoice amount (entire) + 5% Paypal fees!!!