Womb / Naevus - Spiteful Extractions CD

Womb / Naevus - Spiteful Extractions CD
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CD with 4 page bookled (poster cover) is limited of 500 copies. - Sideproject from NEAVUS -... more
CD with 4 page bookled (poster cover) is limited of 500 copies. - Sideproject from NEAVUS -
Info: This starts off very well, the Gothic of 'She a boy' exploding out of the speakers in its whiney Goff meets crazy punk glory. But then it settles into a Goff sound so retro, it's almost unfamiliar. There's three tracks of honest to goodness, early 80s style, Gothic Rock. We're talking Christian Death (Rozz era), X-Mal Deutschland or Sex Gang Children here, real instruments and full-on whining vocals. Even when an electro influence creeps in, on 'I want to make you bleed', it's Dr Avalanche pre-"First and last and always" style drum beats. It's been an age since I've actually listened to something like this, it's a real flashback to my first "Gothic Rock" compilation tape when I was 17. But, while Womb aren't at all bad at what they do, this music belongs in the past. But, if you're the kinda Goff that still wears velvet and ruffles, drinks snakebite and moans about the rubber-clad ravers like me that call themselves Goths these days, this is for you!


1. She's A Boy
2. One Real Kiss
3. Game
4. Her Dirty Body Triggered
5. I Want To Make You Bleed
6. Something's Real
7. My Back Window
8. Shapes
9. Apology
10. Others

Genre: Gothicrock, Batcave, New Wave, Alternative , Punk
Like: Christian Death, Rozz Wiliams, X-Mal Deutschland , Sex Gang Children, Sisters of Mercy, Bauhaus
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