Closedunruh - Entsichert! CD (Lim200)

Closedunruh - Entsichert! CD (Lim200)
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Pro lightscript CDr is limited to 200 copies. Info: The music is more than just a chart success... more
Pro lightscript CDr is limited to 200 copies.
Info: The music is more than just a chart success proved once again closed balance with their second "Off "position. The limited edition of 200 copies of the album Hanoverian is an immersion in sound montages. Times as wide as a river and then drop by drop and lonely. Closed Unruh explore musically and sonically what is possible. Although I find song titles like "Run", "North Wind" or "Vision N-340" just banana, but that does not change the listening experience in the "OFF". Since 1980, Thomas modeled animal around with his sound creations. One can not really speak of songs, but of musical landscapes that can blur the boundaries. For what is music? ... basically the sequence of sounds that can arise in the most idiosyncratic and easiest ways. Closed Unruh go this all important question ever again and again. The result is a 78 minutes and 30 seconds long, colorful musical intoxication. An album to listen.


01. Einlauf (Ganz Jenseits) 0:47
02. Impuls 4:36
03. Reisegepäck 1:29
04. HC 4:13
05. Zero - Zero 0:52
06. Nordwind 5:33
07. Modellbau 3:42
08. City Limit / Wolkendecke 12:00
09. Zug Um - Zug 3:58
10. Bronco (Atmomix) 6:32
11. Hund 0:26
12. Politparty 4:28
13. Titan 4:34
14. Isolation 3:56
15. Straße + Tunnel 1:08
16. Wassertor 9:09
17. Phython - Orange 4:28
18. Vision N - 340 6:34
19. Endstation 0:09

Genre: Minimal, Retro, Abstract, New Wave, Punk
Like: Grauzone, Weltklang, Sratis, UV Pop, Sickdoll, Transparent Illusion, Geisterfahrer

Status: Only a few available!!!
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