Fräkmündt - Heiwehland CD LTD (2011) RARE!

Fräkmündt - Heiwehland CD LTD (2011) RARE!
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CD in 6-side digipack with 20-page booklet, limited edition - sealed - Info: Have more... more

CD in 6-side digipack with 20-page booklet, limited edition - sealed -

Info: Have more than one year FRÄKMÜNDT for their second album "Heiwehland" taken their time. The result is sixteen unique, expressive and idiosyncratic songs, which mediate a passionate insight into the central Swiss Alps. Accordion, guitar, hurdy gurdy, bass, flutes and the Merlin (ELUVEITIE) rehearsed percussion unite to "Heiwehland" the incomparable Swiss unconventional Ur-folk. Primitive men singing and spoken passages alternate with the powerful vocals of Anneli. As a guest singer also Chrigel Glanzmann (ELUVEITIE) and the renowned opera singer Christiane Boesiger will be heard. The fresh troops rammed Guschti to enrich the album with his virtuoso guitar playing. Varied in Alemannic dialect recited pieces take the listener on a musical journey more than an hour into the heart of the Alps. They tell of historic events, tragic stories, terrifying figures, of strange occurrences and mysterious nature of the melancholy longing for a homeland, which disappears rapidly in its original form, but also by the beauty of it. Like the previous album "Urbärglieder" will also re-interpreted traditional songs and of course also have the bizarre and humorous elements found their place.


01. Bärgfrede 1:43
02. Chomm Domini, S'Esch Zyt! 4:39
03. Hüfifirn 4:23
04. Die Arme Seele Em Ys 2:07
05. Ha An Em Ort Es Blüemli Gseh 3:17 06. Dehei 3:38
07. D'Chueh Metem Holderechnoche 3:03
08. Suworow 3:43
09. Härz Mys Härz 3:03
10. D'Draachejongfer 5:26
11. Bockitobel 3:31
12. S'Toggeli 6:00
13. Tanzlaubehond 4:12
14. Aues Esch Anderscht 5:12
15. Heiwehland 3:07
16. Senged, Suufed, Tanzed Wöud! 3:28

Genre: neofolk, swiss, alpine folk, folk, ur-folk
Like: Sturmpercht, Jännerwein, Vinterriket, Arnica, Waldteufel

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