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VINTERRIKET - Horizontmelancholie CD DualDisc (1st) 2009
VINTERRIKET - Horizontmelancholie CD DualDisc...
DualDisc - in Digipak DVDplus is a "double-sided disc" with audio on one side and video on the other side! --- RARE and limited - first edition --- Tracks 1-1 to 1-7 are audio tracks; tracks 2-1 to 2-8 are DVD tracks. Vinterriket was...
€10.00 *
SEELENTHRON - Die Reise CD Digi (2010)
SEELENTHRON - Die Reise CD Digi (2010)
CD comes in digipak limited edition - sealed - "Die Reise" is the third album of the eastern-German NeoFolk project Seelenthron. Seelenthron was founded by the two basic-members of the legendary DIES NATALIS and on several songs on their...
€9.50 * €13.50 *
FALKENSTEIN - Heiliger Wald LP (Lim100) 2013
FALKENSTEIN - Heiliger Wald LP (Lim100) 2013
LP re-edtion limited edition of 100 hand-numbered copies, clear vinyl Re-release of the famous and long soldout debut-album by one of the best german classical NeoFolk bands from today. This LP editions has 2 bonus-songs/versions!...
€49.50 *
VINTERRIKET - Entlegen CD (Lim500) RARE!
VINTERRIKET - Entlegen CD (Lim500) RARE!
CD released as 6 pannel digipak, limited to 500 copies. Info: Similar to the last full-length album “Horizontmelancholie” (Steinklang Industries/Heimatfolk, 2008), the new VINTERRIKET album "entlegen" (meaning “remote”, ”far-flung”,...
€15.00 *
STEIN (Dies Natalis Seelenthron) - :Haldor: CD Digi 2010
STEIN (Dies Natalis Seelenthron) - :Haldor: CD...
CD in a nice 2-panel digipak -sealed- new project from Norbert Strahl (Dies Natalis, Seelenthron) STEIN was founded in 2005 as the solo-project of Norbert Strahl, the singer of SEELENTHRON and NOTHING ENDS, who was also basic member of...
€14.50 *
Klammheim - Heimwaerts Wooden Box (Lim150)
Klammheim - Heimwaerts Wooden Box (Lim150)
The wooden box set, limited to 150 copies, contains the CD, one DVDr, a pin, ten postcards, a t-shirt (size: XL) . Tracklist: 01. Heimat 4:07 02. Nix Wie's Wor 6:13 03. Irrlicht 4:25 04. Im Namen Der Freiheit 5:29 05. Vom H�chsten...
€44.00 *