V/A Sampler - In Stahlgewittern II 4LP (Lim750)

V/A Sampler - In Stahlgewittern II 4LP (Lim750)
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4LP hard metal steel-box size: 310x310x10mm, handnumb.Lim750 piece Info: Steinklang... more

4LP hard metal steel-box size: 310x310x10mm, handnumb.Lim750 piece
Info: Steinklang compilation from 1996, a reflection of well know german and austrian powerindustrial artists and selected newcomer!


A1. Phosgen - S.K.A. (A Reminder)
A2. Neuropathic Force Feedback - Blood On The Sand
A3. Totensonntag - Das System
A4. Irikarah - Das... Wesen
A5. Azoikum - Pervert
A6. Painslut - Fear
B1. Wiener Aktivisten - Industrial Forever!
B2. Stahlwerk 9 - N.K.F.D.
B3. Allgrena - Feuerwache
B4. Legion Condor American Heroes
B5. Thorofon - Ohne Titel
C1. Dawn Project - Summon The Spirits
C2. Operation Cleansweep - Walk Amongst The Dead
C3. Diutesc - Culture Slave
C4. Geneviève Pasquier - Epileptic Dance Hit
C5. Operation Julmond - Buncombe
C6. Radio Murmansk - Pamqtnik
D1. Belial The Sal - AKW
D2. Sektion B - Agent Orange D3. Seraphim - Zorngericht Kapitel I-III
D4. SRP - Occupied German Frequencies
D5. DJK - Spread The Lie
D6. Nobdrun - Freakcide
E1. PTT - Violent Facial
E2. Viron - Heuristica
E3. Industriepalast - Dynamore
E4. Order Of The Werewolf - Junges Europa
E5. Rasthof Dachau - Make Them Bleed!
F1. Thelema - Der Felsstich
F2. Allerseelen - In Storms Of Steel
F3. Trotzdem Rain - Freeze Rip
F4. Simon Schall - Die Harfe
F5. Dresden '45 - Souls Behind The Windows
F6. Schwadron - In Ketten
G1. Atrox - Pater Leppich
G2. #define - Travel State
G3. Drape Excrement - Der Mann Der Lächelte
G4. Human Destructure - Pain Amplifier
G5. DKF - Being Stupid
G6. Soulcripple - Only Death Protects
H1. Werkraum - Hohelied
H2. Materialschlacht - Leib Und Seele
H3. Leiche Rustikal - Kreature
H4. Psychologische Abwehrfront - Never Trust A Polititian
H5. Tugend Mensch - Wahnausbeutung

Genre: Powerindustrial, Noise, Electronic, Martial, Minimal, Postindustrial

Status: single copie!

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