Wertham - Tell Me The Truth CD (Lim250)

Wertham - Tell Me The Truth CD (Lim250)
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CD comes in an illustrated black and white 6-tray digipack featuring extensive text and detailed... more

CD comes in an illustrated black and white 6-tray digipack featuring extensive text and detailed information, limited 250 copies !

Info:Old Captain is glad to celebrate WERTHAM’s 20th anniversary by releasing “Tell Me The Truth”, a collection of old releases and difficult-to-find tracks from the Italian Power Electronics project that made quite a name for itself thanks to a full-frontal approach that mixes multiple-layered sound structures with aggressive vocals, intense use of samples and uniquely-structured concepts. “Tell me the truth” focuses mostly on the first decade of WERTHAM’s recordings, including sold-out tapes, 7”s, contribution to splits, rare tracks from compilations, excerpt from early works and one unreleased song, for approximately one hour of sheer violence, rough sounds and uncompromising attitude, remastered by Monsieur Yvan Battaglia (LCHM). Gender wars, leatherboys, STDs, general socio-biology, frustrations of the modern 9-5 man, Insubria white trash mentality, stereotypes, nutritional disorders, self deprecation, glorification of decaying icons of a withering world are the main themes expressed mostly with minimal slogans.


01. Penetrative Sex Is Fascist - We'll March Over You (Pt.2)
02. Beware - Feminists At Play
03. Stay At Your Place
04. Bring It Back! (Patriarchy)
05. Intervista A Marco Bergamo
06. Satin Touch (Only Women Bleed)
07. Tell Me The Truth
08. Lady D-Anal
09. Nothing But Enemies
10. Skin And Bones
11. Give Me Your Hand (Society Based On Social Backstabbing)
12. Possession Is My Duty
13. Prey
14. Fast - Binge - Purge
15. D. I. & E. (Hit And Run Pre-Mix)

Genre: Noise, Powerindustrial, Harsh, Electronix, Shock-Terrorist Sound, Experimental
Like: Sektion B, Kinderlager,Whitehouse, Merzbow, Slogun, Masonna Grey Wolves, Genocide Organ

- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JfIkENb4ZCs
- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uJAVdjD8Grw
- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2LkwHZD5wE4 Status: Only 2. copies!

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