Atrax Morgue – Paranoia CD (2nd 2011)

Atrax Morgue – Paranoia CD (2nd 2011)
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CD with 4-page bookled, second edition re-pressed in 2011 (NB : everything is exatly the same as... more
CD with 4-page bookled, second edition re-pressed in 2011 (NB : everything is exatly the same as 1st edition)

Info: From direct associations and by feeling the "logic" within the crazyness and psychopathological assault this work is about one thing comes to mind as an inmediate memory and that is Dario Argento. As Argento's movies are full of blood obsessed psychopath characters and the killing will and impending necessity to do it again and again and a general set of deranged and old decrepit feelings along with a macabre atmosphere,Paranoia as well allows you to be part of the inner world of a psychotic and manic mind and to actually understand its "logic" and fueled motives and to observe the world where it works. The noise mixed along with some analog patterns in a minimalistic way along with a sick voice whispering and/or shouting obsessions almost like mantras crearly creates an opressive and blindfolded atmosphere where youre not certain what stand you should take, if stopping this deviant journey for murder and insanity or continue this dark adventure through the sickest path it does trace for you. (by enfantterrible)


01. Blue 1:36
02. You Drive (You Try) 2:50
03. Leave Me Alone 6:07
04. Perfect To Kill (Your Beauty Is Your Condemnation) 2:38
05. Sperm On Red Plastic 4:47
06. Is It Enough? 4:29
07. Plastic Baby, Pleasure Toy 3:35
08. Highheels, Inside My Throat 4:07
09. Miss Self-Destruct 4:22
10. Obsessed By Images 5:22
11. Disgusted 3:59
12. I Execrate My Eyes 5:16
13. Monomaniac 3:15
14. Untitled 7:38

Genre: Power-Electronics to Rhytmical Industrial-Noises
Like: Genocide Organ, Brighter Death Now, Slogun, Sektion B, Propergol, Grey Wolves

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