IEROPHANIA - Post-Military chapter 2 CD (Lim113)

IEROPHANIA - Post-Military chapter 2 CD (Lim113)
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CD 10 track (67min) 6x panel envelope with the texts, made from a rough cardboard drawn by a cord... more
CD 10 track (67min) 6x panel envelope with the texts, made from a rough cardboard drawn by a cord ist handnumb. and limited to 113 copies
Info: The project of military ritual chanson and occult blessing from Rostovs-on-Don have spread out on a bloody altar of the Great Black Mother the special mercury medicine. The effect constant of "restless presence" has given amazing result in an image of a new album: on trails of infinite war and through furnaces of true faith, to the greater acceptance Nigredo and incessant nervous pressure. It is a very serious album up to extreme limits. And it is necessary to listen to it standing, Without tears, without hysterics, without splits, having compressed in a fist all "human". Having washed, having dressed in clean clothes and having understood that the road back already no. The history already no. Through severe industrial form of steel sculptures of the past accept the fear as a duty, in blood now there is more IEROPHANIA. The group which to the full expressing "the mystery of Russian soul".


1. Кабул 1989 (10:33)
2. Холокост (8:32)
3. Бескостная Ткань (14:04)
4. После Войны (Триумф Безволия) (12:04)
5. Spring Death For A.N.N.A. (Пепел) (21:20)

Genre: Noir Martial, Power Ambient , Ritual, Postindustrial
Like: Von Thronstahl, Zr 19.84, Wappenbund, Der Blutharsch, Boyd Rice, Luftwaffe

Status: Single copie!
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