HWR / HATEKOD - Totenmarsch / Anti NWO CD (Lim131)

HWR / HATEKOD - Totenmarsch / Anti NWO CD (Lim131)
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CDr,10 tracks, 45 minutes,A5 cardboard sleeve, insert is limited to 131 handnumbered copies.... more
CDr,10 tracks, 45 minutes,A5 cardboard sleeve, insert is limited to 131 handnumbered copies.
Info: Split-CD of the Martial Industrial-project HWR and Power Electronics project Hatekod. Intense and interesting new projects.
Conspiratorial underground. Red light illuminates the hands. Faces covered with masks. The noise of heavy leather shoes. Cloths with images of old symbols on the walls. New secret fire is modelling in front of their concentrated eyes. Echo is heard through narrowed consciousness - an old German song. Split of two clandestine projects from France, a pile of black & white photographs scattered on a table: archive and modernity. H.W.R. - wakeful ghosts of the past, in absolute silence, on the places of old battles, they come out and become visible. Old discoloured uniform with hardly seen badges, pale hair and faces, whisper. Hatekod - fragments of modernity where the idea spreads turning into growing red branch on a map. From a screen hissing with snow shows up the footage of streets drenched in blood and houses with forbidden symbols drawn. Dark, malevolent and hoax filled audio document, a deadly strain transmitted in encoded form..


I H.W.R – Untitled 1:41
II H.W.R – Untitled 5:57
III H.W.R – Untitled 2:43
IV H.W.R – Untitled 3:30
V H.W.R – Untitled 3:23
VI Hatekod – Untitled 4:43
VII Hatekod – Untitled 3:48
VIII Hatekod – Untitled 2:17
IX Hatekod – Untitled 4:57
X Hatekod – Untitled 4:13

Genre: Martial Industrial, Power Electronics

Status: Only 3. copies available !
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