GANZER - Omega Point CD (Lim77)

GANZER - Omega Point CD (Lim77)
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CDr 6-page cardboard folder with a rope + sticker on cover ist limited to 77 hand-numbered... more
CDr 6-page cardboard folder with a rope + sticker on cover ist limited to 77 hand-numbered copies.
Info: Apocalyptic black harsh shoegaze Along the metal walls of a small room like slide intertwined snakes, long shadows. But there is nothing and never has been, in the organic hazardous environment may not exist. Become heated and the temperature of the swirling white clouds of steam. From the cracks in the floor and the ceiling is heard screeching from the outside are trying to penetrate and strike with great force multi-ton designs. Sometimes the noise is unbearable, and the room shaking sound pressure waves. Weightless as steam album Ganzer, huge flows of long rusty pipes thrown haphazardly on the ground. This hot smoke clogs his throat and breaks the light. The pipes is movement, and soon to come out. Half an hour of heavy expectations, attentive listening to the hard spray of noise. The arrow indicates the device there. There is nothing and never has been, in this metal box, in this prison, but an extruded on a metal sign on the wall: your name and two dates, the date of your birth and date of your death.


1. Contamination
2. The Hive
3. The Devourer
4. Accretion/Absorbtion
5. Mold
6. Omega Point

Genre: Apocalyptic, Doom, Shoegaze, Noise, Industrial

Status: Only 2. copies !
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