CLAN OF XYMOX - Matters Of Mind, Body And Soul CD Digi 2014

CLAN OF XYMOX - Matters Of Mind, Body And Soul CD Digi 2014
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CD in digipak 6-page bookled -sealed- Ronny Moorings, the good ideas simply don't run out.... more

CD in digipak 6-page bookled -sealed-

Ronny Moorings, the good ideas simply don't run out. This is quite impressive, as he has been pampering the tradition-conscious Gothic community with first-class dark food since 1984. 30 years of CLAN OF XYMOX - an impressive anniversary and the last signal that this band is one of the last, greatest and most important representatives of a special genre. But resting on his laurels is out of the question for the Dutchman with his unmistakable tower hairstyle: Instead of a best-of, re-release or a live album, there is a brand-new studio album called "Matters of Mind, Body and Soul", which first of all makes one thing clear: CLAN OF XYMOX are still the great Gothic creators of ideas.

Maybe it was last year's cover album "Kindred Spirits", maybe a general reflection on old virtues:"Matters of Mind, Body and Soul" has become an engaging, dark shimmering gem of an album, a bow to everything that makes classical Gothic so special. The mystical magic, the lavish melody, the foggy atmosphere and the sense of sombre-tragic romance envelop the album like a veil, also surround the listeners like a finely spun shroud. Gothic may have a difficult state of affairs in the 21st century: CLAN OF XYMOX seemingly effortlessly prove that this style of music has lost nothing of its relevance, nothing of its radiance. You just have to find the right expression.

Whoever puts a six-minute intro at the beginning of his record has a lot to say. And that's certainly true of Ronny Moorings: over the course of more than 60 minutes, CLAN OF XYMOX pull out all the stops and drive up energy, inventiveness and creativity as if they were about to release their debut album - and not, if I may say so, their fifteenth studio album. She Is Falling In Love "shines with lost melodies and vibrating electronics, as if Ronny had forged a song together with DEPECHE MODE," Kiss And Tell "breathes a fleeting kiss on the cheek of the wave era and then enters into a fatal liaison with classic gothic frenzy.

Alleged opposites like these merge on "Matters of Mind, Body and Soul" into a coherent, coherent, passionate album that would have become one of the genre's major milestones 20 years ago. Thanks to Ronny Mooring's ingenious handwriting, this album succeeds in achieving something that almost all the other representatives of this guild have lost: a timeless, spiritual, deeply emotional Gothic album. Chapeau, Ronny!



1 Once In A Blue Moon 6:43
2 She Is Falling In Love 5:43
3 The Climate Changed 6:20
4 Hector 00-00 2:00
5 I Close My Eyes 6:54
6 Hand In Glove 6:31
7 Your Own Way 4:41
8 Love's On Diet 4:38
9 I'll Let You Go 5:15
10 Months Ago 4:33
11 Kiss And Tell 5:31
12 Chinese Whispers 5:40


Genre: New Wave, Gothic, Cold Wave

Like: Bauhaus, Mission, Sisters of Mercy, The Cure, Girls Under Glass


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