ONIRIC - Mannequins CD Digipack 2013

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  CD in digipack  -sealed-! *strictly limited edition*... more
CD in digipack  -sealed-!

*strictly limited edition*

CAUSTIC RECORDS presents "Mannequins" second album of ONIRIC. "One gloomy destiny...one ancient desire...two unemotional mannequins...one burning passion... to share [inspired by a real mid-autumn dream]“. The italian Oniric duo, in the names of Carlo De Filippo and GianVigo (Gianpiero Timbro), returns to the stage with this second nostalgy-based release, which brings with it atmospheres of ancient and undefined times, flavors of distant and charming worlds, dusty paintings and nocturnal cryptic tales. With the melody as a strength and an elegant arrangements research, the Oniric project keeps unique its sound. All enhanced, once again, with the ethereal vocals featured by Simona Giusti. Apocalyptic and retro folk atmosphere combine to open the heavenly doors as they move across it and then fly in the air, worn by the breath of times long forgotten ... This publication is a must-have for all fans from Spiritual Front, Argine, Rome, Calle della Morte, Ordo Rosarius Equlibrio and Novalis deux ...


01. Mannequin
02. Found love in a pain(t) (you make me feel)
03. 12Lune
04. Beyond The others
05. Tomorrow the sorrow
06. Suggestions don't cost a penny
07. Nirvana (you make me sick)
08. Little James (the soldier)
09. My oniric war machine
10. Requiem for a soldier
11. Sensazioni
12. Macabre History

Genre: Neofolk, Acoustic, Apocalyptic Pop, Neoclassic
Like: Darkwood, Forseti, Sonne Hagal, Of the Wand and the Moon, Sol Invictus, Leger des Heils
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