RYR - Until the End of Times CDr (Lim130)

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CDr in packaged with 6-sided cardboard cover including a postcard, limited to 130 hand-numered... more

CDr in packaged with 6-sided cardboard cover including a postcard, limited to 130 hand-numered copies.

Black archangels, twisted in the air in the form of a swastika, how much time do they whirl, but - a single moment - and their skeletons like spikes are put over the ruined city. Vision as a kind of hypnotic dream isn't available for anyone, their eyes will see the complex pictures of destruction. Distraction from life, few steps ahead, inaccessible to mortals, dream unfolds like a flower. Cities, woods and rivers, industrial zones, warehouses and stations - they are, and at the same time they are not - the fire wave from space covers everything to turn it into dust. The newest album of the project opens the spiritual ties that hindered unclear presentiments and suspicions. The inner castigator comes with bright light, so that every gap is opened. Alchemical curses in mirrors, micro frequencies emanating from dolmens, inaudible words of exhumated bones of the kings, vellums with secret maps falling to pieces, coldness of the crypts of the noble families, sounds of atonal music in the desert and ancient dreams of cursed monks exiled from the temples. No sentiments, only strict bridges of stone rhythms and hammered towers of noise breakdowns. Fragments of the said gliding in eternity in the total flow, as last documents of the died world. Dark concentrated atmosphere, not calling to any senses, only silence and awe


01. Epilogue 3:17
02. The sky is like a scroll 4:45
03. Crystal Maze 3:31
04. Day 1. Endless Night 4:18
05. Day 2. Moon as blood 3:59
06. obsession sleep 5:18
07. 42 months 4:10
08. Languages ??3:47
09. The Last Legion 6:49
10. Until the end of time ... 5:56

Genre: Modern Classical, Martial, Ambient
Like: Argentum, Rukkanor, Heiliges Licht, Wappenbund, Predella Avant

Status: Single copie!

- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ossi5PPr1w0

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