Allerseelen (Von Thronstahl) - Flamme CD

Allerseelen (Von Thronstahl) - Flamme CD
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CD comes in a digipak. Info: ALLERSEELEN's newest album of 2003. Apocalyptic Pop, Folk Magico... more
CD comes in a digipak.
Info: ALLERSEELEN's newest album of 2003. Apocalyptic Pop, Folk Magico beautiful and mesmerizing flamenco Magnetico recordings of Austria's famous Avant Guard rituals project. An absolute MUST for any serious folk lovers!

"All Souls is the only one among the long existing, standing in a prominent place projects that will improve with age from year to year. Souls in the new millennium means a clearly audible influence of Argentine tango music, Spanish flamenco, trip-hop and the sensual side of the old DAF. a sound that is so distinctive self that one Souls actually already be congratulated on the birth of a new musical direction. Especially the very lively flamenco storm song is very fresh and trendy. Succeeded the DAF cover "as if it were the last time. "A certain impatience, spontaneity and creativity of the Creator make all Souls at all only from. Thereby, the pieces seem so authentic and unfinished at the same time.
*featering Josef. K *


01. Sonne Golthi-Ade (Eltho) 1:58
02. Sonne Golthi-Ade (Vocals – Josef K.) 3:53
03. Als Wärs Das Letzte Mal 4:49
04. Kehrst Zurück Nicht Mehr 3:30
05. Söhne Der Sonne (Hölderlin) 4:48
06. Ob Auch Mein Herz So Funkelt 5:29
07. Sturmlied (Vocals – Josef K.) 5:25
08. Que 4:48
09. Kamerad 5:45
10. Alle Lust Will Ewigkeit 4:06
11. Löwin 3:49
12. Goldner Lebenswein 4:11
13. Knistern 4:11
14. Sonne Golthi-Ade (Gerhard) 4:53
15. Si Tu Duermes 4:47

Genre: Neofolk, Martialfolk, Acoustic, Folksmusik
Like: Von Thronstahl, Sturmpercht, Waldteufel, Sol Invictus, Gae Bolg, Death in June, Forseti

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