INNERES GEBIRGE (Aeldaborn) - Schlafender König CD (2012)

INNERES GEBIRGE (Aeldaborn) - Schlafender König CD (2012)
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CD 16 track (80min) in jewel case with 12-page bookled. Members of Aeldaborn !... more

CD 16 track (80min) in jewel case with 12-page bookled. Members of Aeldaborn !

Schlafender König is the impressive debut of a young Dark Folk band that can close the gap, the Forseti have left. With mostly German lyrics and elaborate arrangements for accordion, guitar, harp, flute and violin fragile pieces are created, over which the haunting vocals of the singer Sepp glitter floats. Lyrically dominates a romantic melancholy that is evident not only in the musical tribute to poets such as William Blake, Emanuel Geibel or Uwe Lammla, but their spirit and their own texts as "The Dark" or "Billowing grain" by blows. Inside Mountains resonates not only the British neofolk, but there will also find its true source: the soul of the Bund is clearly evident, both in word and in the course consistently held instrumentation. Among the many great moments on this CD is one of the dramatic and ethereal "Black Wine", from the gentle harp dominated "Ludwig in the snow" or the more powerful driving "Diefenbach". "Sleeping King" is an album that will bring the group "Heart Mountain" in the first rank of German dark folk bands!
* Mastered By – Axel Frank *




01. Intro: Nach Innen
02. Der Dunkle
03. Schwarzer Wein
04. The Tyger
05. Kretische Worte
06. Do Der Sumer Komen Was
07. Ich Sah Den Wald Sich Färben
08. Wehmut
09. Ludwig Im Schnee
10. Diefenbach
11. Wolkenwanderer
12. Atmende Erde
13. Wogendes Korn
14. Oh Schatten
15. Death In Your Heart
16. Outro: Der Weg

Genre: Neofolk, Apocalyptic, Pagan Folk, Martial
Like: Aeldaborn, Forseti, Blood Axis, Birch Book, In Gowan Ring, Shattered Hand

Status: single copie !

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