PILORI - Until The Day Dawn CD 2009

PILORI - Until The Day Dawn CD 2009
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CD comes with nice digipak - factory sealed - . Info: The charismatic band from Blessed city... more

CD comes with nice digipak - factory sealed - .

Info: The charismatic band from Blessed city had been established many years ago with their unique ethereal folk style between the genres and drawn-Gothic, neoclassical and neo-folk audiences alike in its spell. With "Until The Day Dawn" Pilori place before the climax of her work: a complex work, laced with thick atmospheres, catchy melodies, rhythms and ritual, especially a beautiful female vocals. On "Until The Day Dawn", the acoustic elements are balanced presenting both electronic accents and even pop passages, without ever betraying his own style. A rise in the spheres of dream, deliberately obscured by the frequencies of a world in decline. Ethereal-religious romance meets gloomy nihilism. Viola with elegiac melodies and mournful male voice is reminiscent of the glory years of Current 93, with crystal clear vocals, ethereal singer Marion remembers the blissful era of heavenly voices. But Pilori create their own world of nature mysticism and skepticism Welthinterfragung. With this album Pilori present the sum of their work, presented in a multi-voiced German, English, French and Hebrew texts, melancholy guitar chords, plaintive strings, percussion and seductive Keybordmelodien well-measured. From elegiac Neofolk, Neoclassical, and ritual of music, up to 1980's wave music can be found here countless influences. "Until The Day Dawn" final proof Piloris unique status in the German alternative music scene.


01. The Burial Of Dreams 1:59
02. Heaven Cries 4:51
03. Nulle Vie 4:06
04. Un Vol Sous Le Ciel 4:05
05. Fallen Angels' Choir 1:44
06. Love's Labour's Lost 3:35
07. Frozen Sand 4:59
08. Deos Timor Fecit (VMAT2) 4:07
09. Black Angel 4:45
10. Hoheslied 3:56
11. A Rider's Song 4:37
12. The Iconoclast 4:25
13. Nada Más 3:20
14. Nachtzug Nach Berlin 3:49
15. Ma Joye 2:28
16. Last Wolf's Howling 4:11

Genre: Neofolk, Modern Classic, Folkrock, Acoustic
Like: Rome, In Scherben, Falkenstein, Sonne Hagal, While Angels Watch

Status: Single copie !!!


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