Jahrtal – Lichtbuch CD (2007)

Jahrtal – Lichtbuch CD (2007)
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DEBUT CD with 16-page bookled -factory sealed- Info: After the CD-single "Zwei Lieder" was... more
DEBUT CD with 16-page bookled -factory sealed-
Info: After the CD-single "Zwei Lieder" was released with "light book" now the first album of the Austrian psychedelic folk musicians Jahrtal. Jahrtal hide behind, Ewald Spisak, an artist from Tyrol, of which many still (early 80) from the old days of the Industrial may be a term. Light book is a treasure of folk music, a unique collection of traditional folk songs from the Alps, settings of poems by Joseph von Eichendorff, traditionals from England / Scotland in German translation as close to the original and a Tibetan prayer traditional way. Light book is an absolutely authentic Folk album with great heart and pure soul. The songs, ballads and music to light book wear a sad and optimistic mood, they will please the listeners, touching, but also thought-provoking. The intention of Jahrtal to make non-academic, simple, honest music for the love of music and the songs and the fact that messages of affection, of transience, of cause and effect is to rediscover. A versatile, tailored to the character of the songs instrumentation gives the album a unique touch. In addition to a guitar to sitar converted (Gzitar), use Jahrtal instruments as lutes, banjos, acoustic and electric guitar, dulcimer, harp, zither, psaltery, flute, duduk, shawm, violin, organ and birdsong. Probably the most important musical influences of Jahrtal are in the end-60s and early 70s when bands like Folk Witthüser & West Rupp, Spirogyra and COB, but also a comparison with the most beautiful ballads of Current 93 is inevitable.

Tracklist :

01. Klein Wild Vögelein, Reprise 2:39
02. Der Wandernde Musikant 8:31
03. Innsbruck, Ich Muss Dich Lassen 8:32
04. Abschied 9:38
05. Klein Wild Vögelein 4:25
06. Es Ist Verspielt 5:37
07. Fein Sein 5:31
08. Totenwachelied 7:14
09. Reigen 7:45
10. Wilhelm Von Winsburg 10:33
11. Abschied, Reprise 1:30
12. Die Welt Voller Düfte 3:33

Genre: Neofolk, Acoustic, Folk, Psychedelic
Like: Klammheim, Waldsonne, Shattered Hand, Falkenstein, Strydwolf

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