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Empyrium – Auszüge Aus Weiland 7
Empyrium – Auszüge Aus Weiland 7
7" Gatefold EP, Lim300(?), Insert, RARE!! Tracklist: A1. Kein Hirtenfeuer Glimmt Mehr A2. Das Blau-Kristallne Kämmerlein B. Einsam, Verlorn, Den Lieben Entrissen Genre: Neofolk, Classical, Middlage Like: Of the Wand and the Moon, Sol...
€16.50 *
Sophia  - Aus der Welt 10" (Lim500)
Sophia - Aus der Welt 10" (Lim500)
10" colored brown vinyl, lim500 copies. Tracklist: A1. Strenght Through Sorrow 5:06 A2. March Of The New King 5:19 B1. Aus Der Welt 4:46 B2. Sono De Ignis 4:06 Genre: Modern Classic, Dark Ambient Like: The Protagonist, Sephiroth, Raison...
€18.50 *
Novy Svet  - Terror 7 (Lim 353)
Novy Svet - Terror 7 (Lim 353)
7" Limited edition of 353 hand-numbered copies. Info: Side B of the vinyl has the word Terror scratched into it and bears the hand-written number. RARE!!! Tracklist: A1. Partes Uno A2. Dos Genre: Neofolk, Apocalyptic, Acoustic,...
€21.00 *
Tin Toy  - Hello World (lim150)
Tin Toy - Hello World (lim150)
7" handnumb. Lim.150, two sided picture disc, music measures köln only Genre: Darkfolk, Middleage Like: Kirlian Camera, Decadence, Sol Invictus, Fire & Ice, Death in June Status: Only few available!
€19.00 *
Nova  - Utopica Musa
Nova - Utopica Musa
CD, Lim.1000, beautiful 8 page songbooklet Genre: Darkfolk,Orchestral,Clasical Like: Kirlian Camera,Camerata Mediolanense,Decadence Status: Single copy!
€13.50 *
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