JÄGER 90 ‎- Fleisch Macht Böse" CD Digi 2011

JÄGER 90 ‎- Fleisch Macht Böse" CD Digi 2011
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CD 6-page digipak is limited to 500 (?) -sealed- Jäger 90 play... more

CD 6-page digipak is limited to 500 (?) -sealed-

Jäger 90 play Electronic Body Music. Raw, no-frills and hand-made, without computers and the aid of a safety net. On their third long player, aptly titled “Fleisch macht böse”, they wrap up social criticism, your daily madness, fetish, love and interpersonal affairs in lashing electro beats and mercilessly thumping sequencers, in the best DAF-tradition. Meat creates evil, humanity is going nuts and sex is war – with polished combat boots and always keeping an eye on the bass level, Jäger 90 slam dance at the edge of the apocalypse, while the rest goes down smiling over a glass of champagne. “Fleisch macht böse” is the perfect alternative draft to the average hit-formula, computer-bred vapourware they try to sell you as the next big thing. Honest, German-language, electronic music to stimulate legs, brains and muscles.

Call it whatever you want Old School, Electropunk Hardcore Electronics, OiBM or just EBM.


[1]   Stärker als du meinst
[2]   Beim ersten Mal tat's nicht weh
[3]   Ich schwitze
[4]   Meine Seele voller Lust
[5]   Wenn es euch nicht passt dann lasst
[6]   Immer dümmer
[7]   Ein Sägefisch
[8]   An manchen Tagen
[9]   Ein neuer Tanz
[10]   Häuser abgebrannt
[11]   Wir gehen unseren Weg

Genre: EBM, Oldschool, Elektro Industrial
Like: Nitzer Ebb, Pouppe Fabriekk, Container 90, Sturm Cafe, Frontal, NordarR, AD:Key , Spetsnaz

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