E.V.P. - Postmortem Canticles Of Necromancy CD

E.V.P. - Postmortem Canticles Of Necromancy CD
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Debut CD in DVD case from San Diego. Info: When you think the genre of dark ambient exploring... more
Debut CD in DVD case from San Diego.
Info: When you think the genre of dark ambient exploring morbid romanticism with esoteric paraphernalia and gothic horror has succumbed and absolutely has nothing to offer then comes someone to demonstrate that if you have enough bravery to explore and investigate (instead of keep copying or simulate others) the mixture of possibilities is infinite and there's still so much to do to convince and impress. Yes, EVP with his debut reaches high in expectation and quality. All those dark medieval and fantastic landscapes that -Mortiis- tried to give birth to, this man fully summons now. The creepy and rawless atmospheres that -Tombstone- originally imagined, this project re-invent and improves. And finally the modern approach to the theme with a more dancey perspective still preserving the seriousness of the topic that -Ah cama sotz- has brought, EVP is able to follow without falling in the coarse copy. In terms of rhythm, atmosphere and content this work reaches higher standards. The final mixing is NOT perfect and theres some passages where there's tiny mistakes in the transition of the sequences but that is irrelevant as everything tends to balance pretty well in the end. High regards to this project, surely one we should keep an eye on!

01. The Left Hand Of Glory (2:30)
02. Flesh Boiling From Bone (5:52)
03. Mist Of Which Apparitions Are Made (5:39)
04. The Ever Downward Journey (3:19)
05. Temples Of Azrael, Built Upon Bone (5:02)
06. The Undertow Of Styx (5:49)
07. Full Moonlight Upon Dead, Frozen Soil (5:05)
08. Constructing The Golem Of Bone And Perished Manner (4:04)
09. Consecration De Profundus (5:12)
10. May The Dead Speak (8:26)
11. Death Posture Stigmata (6:43)
12. Beltain (As Locust Descending Upon New Life) (9:18)
13. Resonations Of Presence And Absence Of Life (5:12)

Genre: Darkambient, Occult, Death and Deep,CMI, Experimental
Like: Ah Cama Sotz, Asmus Tietchens, Melek-tha, Kaliber 9, MZ412, Mortiis

Status: Single copie!
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