Le Silence des Ruines (Jörvallr) - Prophéties d'un Misanthrope CD (Lim100) 20222

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CD in 6-panels digipak, CD with pit-art and with hand-numbered sticker on sleeve, limited... more

CD in 6-panels digipak, CD with pit-art and with hand-numbered sticker on sleeve, limited edition 100 copies.


Haunting, melancholic melodies, neoclassical arrangements and belligerent percussion are the soundscape to which French Le Silence Des Ruines deliver their prophecies of a misanthrope. Sole member Nicolas F., also known for his neofolk project Jörvallr, paints visions of lost traditions and cultures, the debris-filled battlefields of past wars and abandoned homes left in ruin on this album that combines martial industrial, dark ambient and neoclassical. Sensations of sadness, of loss and of an unnameable tragedy permeate the album.

Prophéties D’un Misanthrope is a versatile album, which ranges from tender piano ballads to strident military pop to epic dark ambient – fans of artists as diverse as Der Blaue Reiter, Puissance and Vinterriket are sure to find this to their liking. However, whatever guise the music takes, the over-arching feeling of irreparable loss and the passing of glory remain constant.

Le Silence Des Ruines emerged onto the scene in 2010 with a self-titled CDr EP. Since then, the project has released a split CDr with Persona and two digital-only albums. Prophéties D’un Misanthrope is in the first CD release by the project – a long overdue one, too! As this album amply testifies, Le Silence Des Ruines is one of the strongest newer proponents of martial music.



1   Sous Son Regard 5:31
2   Le Feu & Le Sang 4:19
3   Le Bal Des Pendus 3:33
4   Rouah 4:41
5   Melancholia 4:02
6   Tout S'efface 5:06
7   Emortualis Dies 3:01
8   Notre Vie, Notre Fardeau 6:05
9   Misanthropie 6:00

Genre: Neofolk, Apocalyptic Pop
Like: Death In June, Darkwood, Sonne Hagal, Forseti, Sol Invictus, Fire + Ice

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