Kriegsfall-U / Kraschau - Unitas CD (Lim500) 2013

Kriegsfall-U / Kraschau - Unitas CD (Lim500) 2013
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CD comes in 6-sided digipak, limited edition 500 copies -sealed- ! Ufa muzak proudly... more

CD comes in 6-sided digipak, limited edition 500 copies -sealed- !

Ufa muzak proudly presents a full-length original release groups from Eastern Europe the first division. Monolithic alloy of two forms of traditionalist forces. Ancient kings in their stone vaults wound on one arm long, long beards, and other fossilized raise their swords. When was the ultra - limited release, is now presented in a new format quality varnished digipack. Time moves at a different speed and a minute of sleep is the centennial, but does not break bones breath alliance with the ancient race. Brilliant and disturbing track Kriegsfall-U, as cups full of premonitions of approaching danger, marching drums and the roar burst shouting orders. Sound the horns and clanging weapons, marble face, slow ritual and fresh blood that impregnates cuirass. Part Kraschau respectfully pays tribute, bisecting the light and dark, noise and melody, their strict ascetic approach the music died. In the cave of stalactites and bones wrapped in a cloak decayed gold crown, the entry price here - eternal damnation. Sipped broth, cooked in a sound collaboration Hungarian magicians touch to a special consciousness of timeless values, but the fact that the "vague" is an artifact of the century.
*** Unitas was originally published in 27 numbered copies on tape (MM14). Differently. Now however, not for a few, but for many. But not for everyone. ***


1 (Mint Egy) Eszköz Isten Kezében - (As An) Instrument In God's Hands 7:31
2 Szomjas Lelkünk Kardja - Sword Of Our Thirsty Soul 5:30
3 Újrarajzoljuk Európa Térképet - We Redraw The Map Of Europe 4:16
4 Indivisibiliter Ac Inseparabiliter 4:12
5 Csonkolt Gyónás - Mutilated Confession 4:53
6 Nem Hal Meg (Gyors Roham) - Does Not Die (Fast Charge) 5:00
7 Csonkolt Gyónás (Fertzött) - Mutilated Confession (Infected) 4:26

Genre: Martial Industrial, Electronic, Brass & Military
Like: Rukkanor, Arditi, Wappenbund, BloodSoil, Barbarossa Umtrunk

Status: single copie !

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