RYR feat. Ultra-Polar Invasion -:Thule: CDr (Lim111) 2013

RYR feat. Ultra-Polar Invasion -:Thule: CDr (Lim111) 2013
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CDr 4-panel A5 digifile with transparent film insert, limited to 111 handnumbered copies.... more

CDr 4-panel A5 digifile with transparent film insert, limited to 111 handnumbered copies.
Info: Coming to the last point on Mercator's map, to the deeply hidden mountain of Meru. Everything ends and starts again. Two twilight projects present the last chapter, which has bound with a fine thread the encrypted numbers, from 1 to 50, and created the trajectory on an invisible map between the poles. In the foundation of the swastika-like pyramid, in the center, embossed ias an ornament locked inside itself like Ouroboros snake. The relict radiation here reaches the maximum level of spectral power illuminating background body covered with runes. The polar night of supernova stars lays out the white continent in parts, ready to accept the "Highest Unknown Ones". Silence lit only once by a giant of KV III spectral class, creating the "moment of history end". Apollo's chariot explodes with swan-like projections and moves behind the boundaries of Borea, crumbling in huge celestial statues of Aryans. The hyper-speed of Big Bang repetition inversely recreates the cosmological model of the old Universe, for everything to remain in memories, here, after the end. The sonic radiation of the album is filled with retrospective sounds of the past and breaking through the dark matter of present mechanical outrage of infernal future. The last chapter of the polar trilogy, the symbolical point - year of 2012. "The path is inside of you"


01. Start - Call Tula 4:14
02. Fenrir -Dream 7:45
03. Melting Ice - Update 5:58
04. Auspex Velvy 4:58
05. Auspex Velvy II - She Remembers War 3:54
06. Ragnarok - Finar 8:27
07. Iron Wood Featuring – Aelia Capitolina 7:08
08. ... 0:51

Genre: Militaryindustrial, Martial, Ritual, Ambient
Like: L' Artiste Inconnu, LJDLP, Von Thronstahl, Wappenbund, Barbarossa Umtrunk

Status: Single copie !

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