ELDAR - The Secret Golden Flower CD (Lim300)

ELDAR - The Secret Golden Flower CD (Lim300)
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CD comes in digipak and is limited to 300 copies. The concept of this album is inspired... more

CD comes in digipak and is limited to 300 copies.

The concept of this album is inspired by the mystical and psychological archetypes to explain the universal version of a generic soul that rules from the collective unconscious of individuals in all human civilizations since antiquity. These archaic prototypes were copied, emulated and used since the dawn of humanity, and fantastic dream and images have been represented in myths and symbols, trying to explain these exemplary patterns that are still alive and latent until today. They sleep present in popular folklore, in the psyche of every human being, influencing yourself and collectively in the beliefs and ideas that lead them to make beautiful and creative acts or carrying even their own destruction, evolving or backward from that inexorable shape societies through time and history. This album runs in his melodies and lyrics the long road of archetypes that continue to print his psychological injury in each individual and that shape their behaviour in society, determining the fate of humanity.


01. Death
02. Mother
03. God
04. Animus
05. Shadow
06. Anima
07. Maná
08. Trickster
09. Self
10. Maschera
11. De Ignibus Caelestibus (With Scumearth)

Genre: Militaryambient, Brass & Military, Dark Ambient
Like: Across the Rubicon, :Golgatha:, Cold Fusion, Stahlwerk 9, Laibach

Status: Single copie !

- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-tUsSlpX1Xg
- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oi_20gowxDU

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