Transistorwald - Sleeping Eiktyrnir CD (Lim131)

Transistorwald - Sleeping Eiktyrnir CD (Lim131)
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pro-CDr 8 tracks, 45 minutes ,6-ty panel cardboard sleeve is limited to 131 hand-numbered... more

pro-CDr 8 tracks, 45 minutes ,6-ty panel cardboard sleeve is limited to 131 hand-numbered copies.
Info: His haunting eyes appears and disappears in the long run, the air filled with the presence of a stranger. In a dream you have entered into their eyes and become their essence. That snowy road trampled tracks appearing bloodline deceived, and breathing becomes heavy beast, and palpitations. Tree branches so low, the darkness of the shadows looks normal. Hunters and game are fused, and their transformation is slowed down to get to the last peak and burn. Symbolic hunting occurred. Play the roles do not exist, but the reality, the symbols suggests that it was a very special dream. The project is Transistorwald-splash, refined hearing, sight and smell, the place where everything happens from time to time. To avoid getting lost in the fire to hold the secret places of exceptional unconsciousness. From there, return to the other. Long slow waves like an underground lake, melodic elements Transistorwald, a new tale, told by the old without words. The whistle of cold polar night, the whisper of trolls, undead war, lying in mounds, girlish laughter, which is reached from the water, the wicked old woman in the house and over all these lights, jumping stars.


01. Witch-winter 6:19
02. Eye of the serpent 5:50
03. Gravitation of the Thule 4:39
04. Thawing water source of Urd-source 6:53
05. Scarlet distances of Asgard 6:10
06. Thurisaz 7:42
07. Nine long nights 3:37
08. Der weinende Hadnur (Written-By – Burzum) 1:31

Genre: Dark Ambient , Martial Industrial
Like: Like: Striider, Das Brandopfer, Karjalan Sissit,Grabstein, ZR19.84


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