Moloch – Depression of Surtr CD (Lim500)

Moloch – Depression of Surtr CD (Lim500)
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CD (19track) with 4 page bookled limited to 500 copies. Info: Cult misanthropic Slavonic Black... more
CD (19track) with 4 page bookled limited to 500 copies.
Info: Cult misanthropic Slavonic Black Metal from the Carpathian mountains.
Raw atmospheric Nordic-influenced style with a very personal touch inspired by Burzum and early Darkthrone.
A predominantly mid-paced, somewhat primitive and necro-ish execution
with ringing distorted guitar and anguished grim vocals all contributing to the melancholic, utterly drepressive mood.
Features cover songs by Burzum and Darkthrone


01. Gates of Spiritual Vyrdin
02. Ljosalfaheimr
03. Svartalfaheimr
04. Asaheimr
05. Jotunheimr
06. Helheimr
07. Vanaheimr
08. Elivagr
09. Echoes of Nidd
10. Depression of Surtr
11. Die Alte Essenz Eine Enzwischen Toten Welt
12. Sylgr Form Essence
13. Through Halo of Fire-Brands
14. Through Halo of Fire-Brands [BulgAryan Version]
15. Moonblood
16. Hail Black Metal Krieg [Pt. II]
17. Rotten Armful of Grey Thoughts
18. En As I Dype Skogen *[DARKTHRONE cover-version]
19. Illa Tidandi *[BURZUM cover-version]

Genre: Ambient, Drone, Black Metal, Dark Ambient
Like: Bonemachine, Vinterriket, Burzum, Ah Cama Sotz, MZ412, In Slaughter Natives, Melek-tha

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