BARBAROSSA UMTRUNK - Wehrwolf Dharma CD 3rd 2010 RARE

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CD 10 track (72min) third pressing, in 6-panel digifile, limited to 300 copies.  ... more

CD 10 track (72min) third pressing, in 6-panel digifile, limited to 300 copies.


Military pop / Esoteric industrial. A grandiose album by the French sound battalion Barrbarossa Umtrunk. Ethnic elements, cimbals, shamanic singing, heavy drones, synth lines and lots of vocals blend together into an insane mix of apocalyptic, ritual and orchestral neoclassicSs. The ice-cold atmosphere of this album penetrates into the fundamental principle of a mystery, and the werewolf spirit sleeping in collective unconscious wakes up. Cold merciless ambience of a forest where secret is buried in soil itself, dark paths that protect and wreck, gibbous Moon singing silent songs, in darkness it starts the dreadful game of death, and the sound of broken bones and the wild howl of wolves become a new catastrophic believe. Ltd x 200 copies in an outsized 6-panel card sleeve.


01. Fde Au Nyolithique Antyrieur
02. Le Solstice Cosmique De La Fin
03. Kveld-Ulfr: Les Loups De La Derniиre Heure
04. Hamrammr Rising
05. Innocence & Wrath (Celtic Frost Tribute)
06. Winter's Reign
07. Fallen Moons ( Collaboration With Phalanx Feat The White Rabbit)
08. Atlantis Magna
09. Pagan Order (Runes Order Tribute)
10. Winter's Reign Remix By Phalanx Feat The White Rabbit


Genre: Military-industrial - Martial - Traditional - Dark Ambient Music, Experimental
Like: Ich hatt einen Kameraden, LJDLP, Karjalan Sissit, Arditi, Toroidh, Triarii, Turbund Sturmwerk

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