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Skrol  - Martyria (Lim300)
Skrol - Martyria (Lim300)
10" MLP, handnumb. Lim.300 copies, special handmade photo hole cover, insert, RARE!!! Tracklist: A1. Soaking A2. Movie Martyr B1. Insomnia B2. Dei Irae Genre: Darkambient, Martial, Experimental Like: 11 Storm Unit, Inade, Troum, Reutoff,...
€18.00 *
Cycle Zero  - Theatrum CD (1st Lim55)
Cycle Zero - Theatrum CD (1st Lim55)
CDR original -first edition- limited edition of 55 copies in DVD case. Info: 2006 reissue in 5" cardboard cover ! Tracklist: 01. Theatrum Part 1 3:03 02. Theatrum Part 2 4:58 03. Theatrum Part 3 4:41 04. Theatrum Part 4 4:45 05. Theatrum...
€16.50 *
Cindytalk  - Transgender Warrior 7 (Lim150)
Cindytalk - Transgender Warrior 7 (Lim150)
7" EP, gatefold cover, handnumb. limited to 150 copies Tracklist: A. Transgender Warrior B. Guts Of London Genre: Ambient, Experimental, Darknoise Like: Asmus Tietchens, Brume, Aube, Troum, Bad Sector, Inade Status: Only a few available!
€14.50 *
Tranquil  - Via the principals (Lim300)
Tranquil - Via the principals (Lim300)
7´´green vinyl EP, Lim.300, handmade-painting cover, 2 Inserts Genre: Experimental, Trash ambient Like: Werner Möbius, Asmus Tietchens, KADEF Status: Single copy!
€8.50 *
Tesendalo (Dog Wör Mirran)  - Laura (Lim300)
Tesendalo (Dog Wör Mirran) - Laura (Lim300)
12´´LP, Lim.300, picture-papper, handmade Box, colaborating Dog Wör Mirran Genre: Darkmbient, Clasical, Drone, Experimental Like: Dog Wör Mirran, Asmus Tietchens, Werner Möbius Status: Single copy!
€16.50 *
Stahlwerk 9 / Sal Solaris  - Start (Lim370)
Stahlwerk 9 / Sal Solaris - Start (Lim370)
10´´ handnumb. Lim.370, special folded cover Genre: Darkambient, Militarynoise Like: Nocturne, Les Joyaux de la Princesse, ACOH, Inade, Krieger Status: Single copy!
€19.50 *
Splintered  - Link Candleskin Head Wound (Lim500)
Splintered - Link Candleskin Head Wound (Lim500)
7´´yellow, handnumb. Lim.500, gatefold cover, long sold out, RARE!!! Genre: Guitarnoise, Trashambient, Experimental Like: MSBR, Brume, Troum, Aube, Merzbow Status: Only few available!
€6.50 *
Seelenblut  - Phosphorus (Lim333)
Seelenblut - Phosphorus (Lim333)
CD, handnumb. Lim.333, special colored case, bautiful greece ambient, RARE!!! Genre: Darkambient, Coldwave, Cold Meat Industry Like: MZ412, Herbst 9, In Slaughter Natives, Coph Nia, Brume Status: Only few available!
€11.50 *
NA-DHA / Hybryds  - Na-Dha (Lim300)
NA-DHA / Hybryds - Na-Dha (Lim300)
10" colored brown vinyl, Lim300, special S/M, Bondage, Fetishism, Sex, Leather & Rubber foldet cover, sideproject by Hybryds, RARE!!! Genre: Ritual, Fetisch, Experimental Like: Die Form, Hybryds, Mother Destruction, Lustmord Status:...
€17.50 *
Joe Colley (Crawl Unit )  - Fragments...(Lim100)
Joe Colley (Crawl Unit ) - Fragments...(Lim100)
7" EP, handnumb. Lim.100, Crawl Unit sideproject Genre: Experimental, Ambient, Darknoise Like: Asmus Tietchens, HÖH, NWW, Aube, Brume, Pacific 231, D45 Status: Only few available!
€14.50 *
First Law  (Turbund Sturmwerk)  - Revelation 5:2  (Lim500)
First Law (Turbund Sturmwerk) - Revelation...
MCD, Lim.500, special folded slipcase, sideproject by Turbund Sturmwerk, RARE!!! Genre: Darkambient, Ritual, Militarynoise Like: Dagda Mor, Wutanes Heer, Turbund Sturmwerk, Radio Eichenlaub Status: Only few available!
€14.50 *
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