IN SCHERBEN - Dagaz CD Lim300 (2012)

IN SCHERBEN - Dagaz CD Lim300 (2012)

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Duo welded by the love of a couple from Germany, In Scherben In his first folk compositions published by the German label Skullline in 2008 on a disc entitled Erlenkönige and, in 2009, still on the same label with ostrakon. After a detour on Lichterklang in 2011 with the album Dort Year Jenem Baume ... .sortira the CD that concerns us today Dagaz, which is actually a compilation bringing together selected titles of the first two productions at Skullline cited in the preamble .

It is, therefore, under the sign of the twenty-third rune Futhark and edelweiss appearing at the head of this CD these pieces come together. First, both of which set an imaginary one feels a strong osmosis between the topics addressed by this group and its music. The duo, here, instead of drowning among abstract thematic sings an ancient Europe, sensitive and highly placed in a worship of nature including through runes can be read in the booklet, which will better visualize the In Scherben approach of "Dagaz symbolisiert zwischen den augenblick tag und nacht, der auch als. "Blaue Stunde" bekannt ist. Es ist nicht die Fünfte umkehrbare rune. Sie der harmonisierung ingredient: erfolg, wachstum, Klarheit und Erleuchtung ";. or, I translate: "Dagaz symbolizes the transition between day and night, which is also called" the blue hour ". It is the fifth irreversible rune. They used to harmonization: success, growth, clarity and enlightenment. ".

The tracks of this album hatch a neofolk music, which as per tradition is mostly made up of parts acoustic guitar, vibrating chords melodies at once melancholy and hedonistic, and even nostalgic, for example, Title Natur und Sehnsucht - sort of ontological nostalgia - that stands out from the others by the patriotic beats a heavy drum. But the duo is not only quenches light, some titles are sometimes darker, as we Heimweh shows - the nostalgia that comes from the intense desire to see his family - accompanied by a violin and cawing ravens. I will discuss the musical form Sol Invictus and Carved in Stone, closer composition of dark folk in short. Singing, German, meanwhile, is also in the tradition of the genre: concise, laconic and even sometimes declaimed in the manner of a storyteller, it imposes a severe and clear voice. It sometimes gives way to add a female voice from a voice over and harmonious singing, which I will evoke the intimacy of female performance on the title A Sad Sadness Song Current 93.

Between enlightened fervor and vitalism, this selective grouping manages without difficulty to represent the grandeur and nobility of ballads "alpine" to Scherben In a largely unknown group today. Dagaz certainly not always done in the original, but still in the tradition of folk music quality and heiress of the light nobility of glaciers star.

review from Carl Neomalthusian.


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