BloodSoil - Endtimes CD Wooden Box (Lim30)
[CD Box2016]

Special black wooden box with an Algiz rune encarved on it, CD + bookled + 2 Pins - limited to only 30 copies.

Info: After four years BloodSoil comes back. Endtimes: 6 anthems conforming a new manifesto against the Modern World, a soundtrack for the dark times we must face as civilization.

01. Endtimes 4:29
02. The March 8:43
03. Resistance 5:29
04. Social Dissolution 8:43
05. Collapse 4:20
06. The Hidden Truth 11:06

Genre: Dark Ambient, Martial Industrial
Like: Striider, Legionarii, Tsidmz, Seuchensturm, Das Brandopfer

Status: Single copie !

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