A Challenge Of Honour – HAVAMAL III - Materialschlacht LP Lim52

LP comes as brown vinyl on gatefold poster cover in a superlimited edition of 52 copies only.
Info: The ultra-rare pre-ACOH CDR "Blood Under The Ice" + the only 4 songs of the never released side-project "Saloth Sar" + a unreleased "Materialschlacht" Single for the first time on LP-vinyl !


A1. Blood Under The Ice - Replace The Skin
A2. Blood Under The Ice - This Morrow
A3. Blood Under The Ice - Die Kriegserklärung
A4. Blood Under The Ice - Eisen, Stahl & Kugelregen
A5. Materialschlacht - Halfway To Lhasa
B1. Saloth Sar - We Are The Childeren
B2. Saloth Sar - Stand Up Tall
B3. Saloth Sar - Our Bloody Valentine
B4. Saloth Sar - War Is Peace
B5. Materialschlacht - Drepung Monastery

Genre: Martial Industrial, Symphonic, Dark Ambient, Classical, Bombastic
Like: Wappenbund, Cold Fusion, Leger des Heils, Derniere Volonte

Status: Only 2. copies available!
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