A Challenge Of Honour - HAVAMAL I - The Right Place LP (Lim52)

LP comes as blue vinyl on gatefold poster cover in a superlimited edition of 52 copies only.
Info: The ultra-rare debut CDR of ACOH for the first time on vinyl !


A1. The Right Place
A2. Magadan
A3. Wir Sind Soldaten
A4. We Must Not Fear
A5. Fatherless
A6. The Dragon's Breath
B1. ...Or Hate Him
B2. Bow Belle
B3. Paranoid Theories
B4. Blood And Honour
B5. Defented To The Death
B6. Here We Are Again!!!

Genre: Martial Industrial, Symphonic, Dark Ambient, Classical, Bombastic
Like: Wappenbund, Cold Fusion, Leger des Heils, Derniere Volonte

Status: Only 2. copies available!
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