Le Revers Sanglant - Feu CDr (Lim66)

Profi CDr limited to 66 hand-numbered copies !
Info: The winter 2004 marked the birth of the "Le Revers Sanglant"project. This is the third fultime album by skullLine :-) Created by Syphilis, the initial goal of the project, was to create a minimalist audio concept with cold and martial atmospheres. This new album "FEU" has matured to melodic military martial arts! For lovers of French music


01. Feu
02. Tout pour lart
03. Le choix
04. La mort
05. Vers le neant
06. Douleur finale
07. Le chateau de cendres
08. Une danse macabre
09. Ultime assaut

Genre: Dark Ambient , Martial Industrial
Like: Auswalht, Barbarossa Umtrunk, Das Brandopfer, Arditi, Stricta Doctrina, Le Silence des Ruines

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