ATTACK 41 - Tomorrow CDr (Lim50)

DEBUT: Profi CDr is limited to 50 numbered copies!
Info: ATTACK 41 Is a one-man MinimalWave/ItaloDisco project from Nizhnij Novgorod (Russia) performed by Alexey Popov.
In this album you can listen to works from original release (cassette) and also two new works featuring SuperVox and Jordan Freak.
* only for minimal synthwave collectors! *


01. Introduction
02. Pink Noise (feat. Gay Cat Park)
03. The Robot
04. Personal Computer
05. Candy Chord
06. Analog Dream
07. Tomorrow


08. Wowtalking (feat. Jordan Freak)
09. Soviet Calculator (feat. Supervox)

Genre: Minimal Electronic, Synth-Retro-Pop, Robotic

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