REPLICANTI - Mistress CDr (Lim100)

DEBUT: Profi CDr is limited to 100 numbered copies!

Info: Elements and influential contemporary minimal synth wave and italo disco 80s can find in this first release officially where versions of the "Lost Control" and "Forgot my name" by artists of the caliber of Kindest cuts , Nightbreed and Synth Allien respectively, first album from limited edition cassette and two new tracks :-)
* only for minimal synthwave collectors! *


01. Birthright
02. Eons
03. Fade
04. Forget My Name
05. Holding True
06. Reaching Futher
07. Lost Control (Synth Alien Remix)
08. Forgot My Name (Kindest Cuts Remix)
09. Lost Control (Nightbreed Remix)
10. Resting
11. Lost Control
12. Trust In Me

Genre: Minimal Electronic, Synth-Retro-Pop, Cold Wave

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