INSEPULTO - From My Grave CDr (Lim50)

Profi CDr 13-track (45min) comes in jewel cases and is limited to only 50. handnumbered copies.
Info: debut album from this great band from chile, very good mix of dark ambient and neofolk. !


01. Susurros en mi mente
02. Triskell
03. The rain storm wet my grave
04. En Penumbras
05. Alone
06. In the forest of my downfall
07. Descending
08. Ich Hat Einen Kameraden
09. Nokturn (Nebelung)
10. Moribundo
11. Rains Fall (Satanic Warmaster Rough tribute)
12. Insepulto & Miyuki Day - Triskrieg (rough mix)
13. Unburied

Genre: Dark Ambient, Neofolk
Like: Strydwolf, Darkwood, Sol Invictus, Sonne Hagal, Erntegang

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