Die Psychologische Ordnung - Taktik und Manipulation CDr (Lim33)

Profi CDr 10-track (46min) comes in jewel cases with noble white tray and is limited to only 33. handnumbered copies.
Info: new album with original pictures for artwork of the grandfather of the artist. the album with more martial influences will surprise some people. since the last albums were more likely just oldschool industrial. this great german band will inspire you all !


01. Die gute alte Zeit
02. Maschine arbeitet
03. Waffenschau (Gefechtmix)
04. Deutschlandfunk
05. Field Exercise
06. Japan
07. Atlantik
08. Widerstand
09. Frozen Soldiers

Genre: Martial Industrial, Oldschool Industrial, Experimental
Like: Puanteur de Charnier, Corazzata Valdemone, Striider, Toroidh, Karjalan Sissit, Front Sonore, Seuchensturm

- https://soundcloud.com/skullline/die-psychologische-ordnung-maschine-arbeitet
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