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KARMA MARATA - Nepal 23 / Ein Abschied CD (Lim300)

CD (79min.) comes in 4-page bookled in white tray and is limited to 300 hand-numbered copies.
Info: after the first split album "and still remain" & first album "Das Sturmläuten", now the second and last album the very exceptionally band from erfurt (ger.) fantastic melodrama pop meets military pop of the extra class. - tip !

* 50 comes in special 2CD set *


01. Vergehen
02. So geh nun fort
03. Lost and forgotten
04. In meinen Augen stirbt die Welt
05. Glanz der leis verfällt
06. Summer ends
07. Red nights in paris
08. Die Flucht
09. Ein schwarzer Tag
10. Our throne in hell
11. Falling down
12. Requiem
13. No days of glory
14. Staub
15. Black roses on dead hills

Genre: Melodram Pop, Millitary Pop, Neoclassic, Martial
Like: Art Abscons, Leger des Heils, Schattenspiel, Strydwolf, Argheid

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