HOPLITES - The Last Days of A Dying Age CDr (Lim25)

Profi CDr 13track (50min) limited to 25 numbered copies !
Info: Newcomer from Australia make fantastic martial industrial , discover from Striider !


01. In the beggining was...
02. Apotheosis
03. Fulfill Your Heroic Destiny
04. Ode to the Sacredness of Battle
05. Veronica Invocare
06. The Hermit's Secret
07. Sange si Fum (Blood and Smoke)
08. Marching Towards Uncertainty (Striider remix)
09. The LOST Effect
10. The Sacred Land
11. Ode to the Sacredness of Battle (Whispersorrow remix)
12. A Dedication to the God of Nature
13. The Last Days of A Dying Age

Genre: Dark Ambient , Martial Industrial
Like: Striider , Das Brandopfer, BloodSoil, Ryr, Kriegsturm, Im Einsatz, TSIDMZ

- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HQ9HCvg5b9E#t=187
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