Antíco (Kraschau) - Musica Ignota CDr (Lim50)

CDr comes in jewel case limited of 50 handnumb. copies !
Info: The project Antíco has started as a side-project of Adam Berces (Kraschau, Durch Heer und Kraft) in 2007. Only a few unreleased songs were made the years,but in 2012 we decided to release an EP of the songs and fragments collected and comosed under this name.
Antíco is meant to be a blend of classical and electronic music: this album contains classical pieces orchestrated for traditional tunes, however no acoustic instruments were used during the recordings, all sound were produced with sampling techiques.
The tracks are based on tunes mainly from the medieval and renaissance era, but it considered as neoclassical pieces. Recorded betwen 2008 and 2012.
More info at: www.adamberces.hu


01. Einleitung
02. Musette in d-moll
03. Ein Schloß im Wald
04. Saltarello
05. Bransle de Chevaux
06. O jojj, o jojj
07. Pat-a-pan
08. Im Nebel
09. Menuett in g-moll
10. Epilog
11. Scito vias Domini
12. Intro /Trotto (Demo)

Genre: Medieval, Middleage, Neoclassic, Orchestral
Like: Arquelon, Camerata Mediolanense, Durch Heer und Kraft
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