STRYDWOLF - Lieder von Traum und Tod CD (Lim425)

CD 19 track (60min.) comes in nice digipak and it's limited to 425 hand-numbered copies.

Info: The fourth album by the Dutch Willem W. stands out by the excellent artwork by Rainer Langer (German painter), and the beautiful and varied neofolk with a lot of romantic, power and emotion.
In collaboration of brilliant guest musicians like Niemandsvater, Stefania Domizia, Kentin Jivek, the mixture of the album is excellent!
Neofolk meets Military Pop :-)

Attention - comes in 3. different editions:
- normal CD limited Lim425 (this)
- CD + CDr Lim50
- CD + CDr + MCDr sticker Lim25


01. Intro
02. Auf dem Friedhof
03. Wonne der Sturmnacht
04. Lebenslauf
05. Träumende Seele (& Niemandsvater)
06. Morgenrood
07. Kriegerseele
08. Nur im Traum (& Stefania Domizia)
09. Ontwaakt!
10. Träume nur
11. Mondnacht (& Kentin Jivek)
12. Überal
13. Zwarte lage vlakten (Album Version)
14. Der Adler
15. Eens
16. Das verlorne Land
17. Wenn der Lenz erwacht
18. Blauer Himmel
19. Noch stehen nur die Eiche

Genre: Neofolk, Military Pop, Acoustic
Like: Derniere Volonte, Darkwood, In Scherben, Sol Invictus, Death in June


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