IN SCHERBEN - Das neue Land CD (Lim300)

CD 15track (48min) comes in beautiful natur green grass colored cover with 4 page bookled, white tray and limited to 300 handnumbered copies.

Info: Here is already the 5th Album of the band IN SCHERBEN. The music of Lars and Maren has improved and invites you to dream! With German lyric and heartwarming folk, make mood for meadows, woods and campfire nights :)
TIP for all natural & native friends, who also like to hear FORSETI. #Artwork by Willem Witte (Strydwolf)#.


01. Das neue Land (Intro)
02. An den Mond
03. Um Mitternacht
04. Gedanken
05. Heimkehr
06. Erwachen
07. Ernte
08. Septembermorgen
09. Mythische Schau
10. Knospentanz
11. Mondnacht
12. Abschied
13. An die Sonne
14. The grass is always browner
15. Stimme der Heimat

Genre: Neofolk, Acoustic, Apocalyptic Pop
Like: Forseti, Fire + Ice, Of the Wand and the Moon, Sonne Hagal, Jännerwein, Sol Invictus

- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MdrRKgEqaUQ
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