STRICTA DOCTRINA & INFESTATION - Vestiges d'un Patriotisme CD

CD 11 track (47min) with 4-page bookled in jewel case and white tray comes limited 300 handnumbered copies.

Info: "Vestiges D'un Patriotisme" is a tribute to quebec's history. The album denounces the current decline of thr nation and speaks about the bad feelings toward modern society.
Very amazing collaboration Stricta Doctrina & Infestation.
A successful mix of melodic classical to bombastic martial music - TIP!


01. Lit des Résurrections (Intro)
02. Déchéance d'un Peuple
03. Les Hommes Disparus
04. Les Déicides
05. L'Effervescence
06. Je me Souviens
07. La Peur (Interlude)
08. Vestiges d'un Patriotisme
09. Héritage de la Tristesse
10. Vérité Indélébile
11. Le Mal du Siècle

Genre: Neoclassical ,Martial Industrial
Like: Triarii, Arditi, Rukkanor, L'Effet C'Es Moi, Laibach, Kraschau, BloodSoil

- https://soundcloud.com/skullline/stricta-doctrina-heritage-de
- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M8ecxIfSsxk#at=257
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