STRYDWOLF - Weltstorm CD (2nd 2013)

Profi CDr 2nd edition 15track (44min) in jewel case limited to 100 copies.
Info: Re-edition from Demo 2008 new remastered !!!
-- "Where any view of Money Exists, Art can not be carried on, but War only" (William Blake)---


01. Interlude
02. Dienstbaarheid
03. We are The Red Army
04. Standing Strong
05. Barendsnood
06. Wilhelmus pt II
07. De Watergeus vaart
08. Afscheid
09. Aan alle Fronten
10. Drie Kamaraden
11. Magna Frisia
12. Opstand
13. Ik had een Kamaraad
14. Badenweiler Marsch
15. Overgave

Genre: Dark Ambient, Martial, Volkmusic
Like: Das Brandopfer, Striider, Legoinarii, BloodSoil, Gabe Unruh

- http://youtu.be/T7DRUtjAqvU
- https://soundcloud.com/skullline/strydwolf-afscheid-2013
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