Die Psychologische Ordnung - Brainscan CD (Lim33)

pro CDr 10-track (60min) comes in jewel cases with photo embrio insert cart is limited to 33 handnumbered copies.
Info: After the last album from DPO "Concentration Camp Syndrom" CDr by MNDR 2011, here the new history of very intresting mix of oldschool industrial and varied melodic industrial - TIP !


01. Aliene
02. Tokio
03. Aorta
04. War
05. Eisenbahnunfall
06. Heilende Kraft
07. Septum Pellucidum
08. Model Leuner
09. Material 457
10. Analoge Träume

Genre: oldschool industrial, melodic industrial, rhythmic noise
Like: Haus Arafna, Herz Jühning, November Növelet, Esplendor Geometrico


- http://www.lastfm.de/music/DIE+PSYCHOLOGISCHE+ORDNUNG/Brainscan
- https://soundcloud.com/skullline/die-psychologische-ordnung
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