STRYDWOLF - Dunkle Wälder CD (Lim350)

CD with 8 page color and songbookled in clear jewel case , is hand-numbered and limited total 500 (this 350) copies.
Info: 16 track only powerful and romantic Neofolk ...like Darkwood, Backworld, Forseti or Sol Invictus - GREAT :)
with guest appearances of ART ABSCONs and KUNSTGERECHT

Attention - comes in 3. different editions:
- normal CD limited Lim 350 (this)
- CD+sticker Lim100
- 2CD Woodenbox Lim50 (sold out)


01. Intro
02. In die ewigen Waelder
03. Dunkle Waelder
04. Im Nebel
05. Natur und Krieg (with Art Abscons)
06. Night cometh on! (with Ewan Burke - Kunstgerecht)
07. Winter come back
08. Verirrung
09. Schwarzen Wald
10. Weisse Wolken (with Femke)
11. Sturmes Weckruf
12. Der Jäger Abschied
13. Wanderlied
14. Friezenliet
15. Waldsang
16. Frühlingsglaube

Genre: Neofolk, Acoustic, Military Pop, Neoclassic
Like: Darkwood , Forseti, Sonne Hagal, Of the Wand and the Moon, Fire & Ice, Sol Invictus
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