Sturmpercht - Stürm Ins Leben Wild Hinein! CD (3rd)

CD (12track+ Video) released in digipak - third edition-
Info: new edition of the long soldout first Sturmpercht album. This album is pure weird Alpine-Folk music with martial drinking-songs, alpine battle-hymns and strange fairie-tales out from the deepest Austrian and Bavarian forests, all embedded in a breath of black Monty Python humour. a pearl of pure Alpine Folkmusic!

Digitally re-mastered edition of the 2004 LP, with a slightly different track order. Track 12 (s'Hendl) is a parody of the Death In June song "Little Black Angel".


01. Stürm Ins Leben Wild Hinein! 3:39
02. Der Schlafende Wald 3:44
03. Des Blutes Schwere Schuld 3:23
04. Nachtlied 3:59
05. Das Verlorene Königreich 7:31
06. Traumkampf 1:32
07. Der Lindwurm Vom Tappenkar 4:03
08. Der Harung 3:51
09. Ewigkeit 5:00
10. Frisch Auf Zur Schlacht! 5:36
11. Chor Der Toten 2:01
12. s'Hendl 1:32
+ Video Die Rauriser Schnabelperchten 1:12

Genre: Apocalyptic, Neofolk, Middleage, Acoustic, Bavarian Volksmusic
Like: Jägerblut, Waldteufel, Gae Bolg, Sol Invictus, Current 93, Forseti, Darkwood

Status: only 2. copie !
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